About Dim Chord

Born in Larisa (Greece) Dimitris Fitilis or else “Dim Chord” began his musical studies at age 9 years with piano lessons at the topic conservatory. Then, when reaching the age of 13 began djing with vinyls mixed various genres like pop, funk, rock, techno and dance culminating in the House. The next step was to study music technology and music composition in order to understand how they could launch the first amateur own pieces which came at the age of 20 but also to develop the technique of mixing to be differentiated from classic mix of 2 track.Exploring sounds electronic drums, percussion, synthesizer, natural instruments but also testing its first production in different event dj set comes in its own sound in 2009 where they see the light of publicity integrated pieces which circulate in small labels. In 2010 begin collaborations with leading producers on original tracks and remixes some of which are beginning to enter several world-wide dj sets. In 2013 creates his own weekly radio show-live set episodes “Groovy Sensations” which is on air on more than 40 Radio stations all over the world and his own label “Fishtone Records” which based in Greece. In the end of 2013 participates in a unique and successful project on Athens Concert Hall called “In House” where some of the best Greek producers played house music live! He already counts more than 150 official & unofficial tracks and gigs on some of the best clubs in Greece like Cavo Paradiso (Mykonos) and Dybbuk (Athens).


Official Music Videos


Original :

Dreams ft Gale Petrou (EP) (Cloud of silence records) (13-12-2010)

Miss you (Album) (Noevo Recordds) (13-07-2011)

Black road ft.Yanna Thomas (Noevo club essential) (Noevo Records) (24-10-2011)

Through the night ft.Yalena (EP) (Noevo Records) (06-02-2012)

I `ll see it through ft.Yalena (EP) (Elektrify Records) (08-02-2012)

Get Better (EP) ft.Yalena (EP) (Elektrify Records) (23-04-2012)

I`ll get you ft.Kristia (Single) (Noevo records) (27-09-2012)

I can feel it ft.Ramy (With nikko Sunset)(Noevo records) 17-06-2013)

Collaborations :

Nikko Sunset & Dim Chord - Bubbles (Maotun Records) (20-11-2010)

Nikko Sunset & Dim Chord - Away from you (Single)(Noevo Records) (27-04-2011)

Agent Greg & Dim Chord ft.Kristia - Wish you were here (PW/Universal Music) (20-06-2011)

Dim Chord & Nikko Sunset ft.Yalena - What`s your secret (Noevo Records) (18-06-2011)

Official Remixes :

Nikko Sunset - Bombay (Cloud of silence Records) (02-09-2010)

Iris Tahiri & GK Apsis ft.Paul Panait - Lovely Paradise (Vantage Recordings) (15-07-2011)

Sugarhouse- Drink to get Drunk (Universal music)(18-07-2011)

Ketjak & Consoul Trainin - Playground (Sum Records) (20-07-2011)

Ketjak ft.Yalena - Love Chaser (Room 69 Records) (30-09-2011)

M.Lyras & GK Apsis ft.Maryen - Cross paths (Housearthrecords) (14-05-2012)

Ketjak ft Petra - Feel the music (Natura Viva records) (11-06-2012)

Livin R & Roomates - Stay (Noevo Records) (26-04-2012)

Sunset Derek ft.Peggy - Hide from me (DIm Chord remix)(Noevo Records) (28-10-2012)

Sunset Derek & Roomates ft.Peggy - Your loving arms (Dim Chord remix) (12-11-2012)

Nikko Sunset - So much love (Dim Chord remix)

Compilations :

Yabgu 2 (Maotun Records) (25-10-2010)

Housebody (Maotun Records) (20-11-2010)

Sweet & Sweat 4 (Universal Music) (20-06-2011)

In my Bedroom (Universal Music) (18-07-2011)

Mykonos 12 (Universal Music) (08-08-2011)

Noevo club essentian (Noevo Records) (24-10-2011)

Club List vol.1 (Universal Music) (19-12-2011)

Hit List vo.1 (Universal Music) (19-12-2011)

Suma records 4 year compilation (Suma Records (31-05-2012)

La suite 2012 (Sony Music) (09-07-2012)

Best of Elektrify (Elektrify records) (23-07-2012)

Unofficial Remixes/Bootlegs/Mashups

Morgan Page - Fight for you (Dim Chord remix)

Tareq - Cold (Dim Chord remix)

Golden Boy ft. Miss Kittin - Rippin Kittin(Dim Chord Bootleg remix)

Lenny Kravitz - Believe in me (Dim Chord Bootleg remix)

Anne Clark - Poem without words (Dim Chord Bootleg remix)

SHM ft.Deborah Cox - Leave the world behind you (Dim Chord bootleg remix)

HOG Presents The Groovelines - Got To dance Disco (Dim Chord bootleg remix)

Pink Noisy & Livin R Feat Nekk - Come & Dance (Dim Chord Remix)

Ac-dc - Thunderstruck (Dim Chord bootleg remix)

Dsf & dj Dino ft. Nancy - Step into my life (Dim Chord remix)

Adele - Rolling in the deep (Dim Chord bootleg)

Stevie Wonder- For your love (Dim Chord Bootleg)

Medina - You & I (Dim Chord unlove bootleg mix)

Dimi Phaze ft.Mary Geras - All this love (Dim Chord remix)

Madonna - Frozen (Dim Chord bootleg)

Andain - Beautifull things (Dim Chord bootleg)

Kandido - Jingo (Dim Chord bootleg)

Praise Cats ft.Andrea Love - Shined on me (Dim Chord Bootleg)

James Holden Feat. Julie Thompson - Nothing (Dim Chord bootleg)

Jamie Woon - Shoulda (Dim Chord bootleg)

Placebo - Meds (Dim Chord 2012 Bootleg)

Three Drives Vs SHM - Leave the Greece Behind (Dim Chord 2012 Mashup)

Gotye ft.Kimbra - Somebody that i used to know (Dim Chord booty mix)

JJ - My life (Dim Chord N bootleg)

Ad finem - Angel (Dim Chord N Bootleg)

Placebo - Running up that hill (Dim Chord acoustic bootleg)

Thodoris Triantafillou & Cj Jeff Ft. Takis - It's Over (Dim Chord remix)

Kris Allen - The truth (Dim Chord 2012 bootleg)

Prince Ital Joe Feat. Marky Mark - Happy People (Dim Chord 2012 bootleg)

Flash Brothers Vs Lisa Pure - Lost mokka (Dim Chord Mashup)

Bee gees - Stayin alive (Dim Chord 2012 Bootleg)

Adele - Rumour has it (Dim Chord 2012 Bootleg)

Elles de graaf - Tears from the moon (Dim Chord 2012 bootleg)

Florence + The Machine - Spectrum (Dim Chord afraid bootleg)

Florence + The Machine - Spectrum (Dim Chord bootleg)

Rihanna - Diamonds (Dim Chord 2013 bootleg)

Hess is more - Yess Boss (Dim Chord 2013 Bootleg)

Pitsi & Aveen ft. MaryD - I Need You (Dim Chord remix)

Example - Changed The Way You Kiss Me (Dim Chord 2013 bootleg)

Michael Jackson - Thriller (Dim Chord 2013 Bootleg)

Iyeoka - Simply Falling (Dim Chord 2013 edit)

Energy Deejays ft.Mary - I `ll be your love (Dim Chord remix)

Johnny Gerontakis vs Sonique - Carry On (Dim Chord remix)

House of pain - Jump around (Dim Chord 2013 bootleg)

Madonna & Djuma Soundsystem - Frozen Djins (Dim Chord 2013 Bootleg)

Ne-Yo - Closer (Dim Chord 2013 bootleg)

SHM feat. John Martin - Don`t you worry child (Dim Chord 2013 bootleg)

James Blake - I am Sold (Dim Chord 2013 bootleg)

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